Five BBQs In A Row (feat. Circuit Bird)

by BType

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Released 04/08/17 in order to raise funds for the Transgender Law Centre. Please give generously.


got five thousand fidget spinners ready on standby
and seventeen chicken dinners up in my mindseye
dont pry, i got some secrets brewing
some potential babes, left me stewing
choosing art, motion to my poetry slam
any oppertunity to proove im the man
good plan, adept, impress, and dress to digress
pretend i aint stressed, theres no banter left
adept small talk, chat to me on the metro
a message on tinder then drink time, lets go
oh no, if the attraction aint there
then there aint no risk of a profylactic tear
wear a jacket, t and jeans, thats my style
check my profile, rocked that look a while
if it aint broke dont fix, pulled a few chicks
not bad for a city slicker up in the stix

5 barbeques in a row in the summer
3 bad dates in a row, bummer
1 night stand that sucked, outta luck
keep my hat in the ring no i dont give a what?

hey, i saw that you liked my status
that a like like your hype for no more haitus?
or is it a like like type to me now
slide in my dms make me go wow
i hope its the latter, chatter makes me dream
whenever together we can conquer any scene
as a power couple, call us double trouble
hey let me dream dont bust my bubble
hubble telescope couldnt see how far i am out my league
chasing got me fatigued
but you wont see me suck my thumb, feeling glum
i love a good crush, a good crush is fun
run to oppertunity like hi nice to meet you
my name is b, allow me to greet you
im good at introductions i can make you love me
we can do it all hold hands and bump uglies

not sure what your worried about
you got clout with your pout i cant do without
good shout lets go out, romancing dancing
we can do it with or without pants and
put ourselves to the test lets perform burlesque
forgive my bedroom its a bit of a mess
didnt expect to have a visitor tonight
let me hide it all under a towel, nice
drink takes hold and we start to slouch
perhaps its best i sleep on the couch
roll a cigarette without any regrets
theres nothing sexier than eager consent
make a dent in my savings book a trip away
climb trees, a hike, paddle out in the lake
then i wake up, no work aint rushing
find a puddle of drool and im spooning a cushion


released August 4, 2017
Vocals - BType
Production - Circuit Bird




BType Sunderland, UK

8bit Hiphop, also known as Chip-Hop, is what you find from BType. Known for high energy live shows, super catchy choruses and a punk rock attitude to rapping, BType hold the torth for British Nerdcore.

Playing across the United Kingdom and even in Europe and the USA, BType love adventuring, and would love to hear from you about playing your event!

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