Galactic Dinosaur Patrol

by BType

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Sefie Valentyne This is my all time favourite <3 Favorite track: Party Robot.
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Welcome to the debut of the B-Type band! While B-Type began as a solo project in 2010, Winter of 2012 saw B-Type evolve into a full live band, integrating keyboards, acoustic guitar, and beat-box to craft a unique line-up that has been travelling around the country playing shows and having fun!

We have many, many songs! These 6 were chosen to showcase the sounds and styles we yo-yo between, both lyrically and phonically. The result is as eclectic as we could get in five tracks, and we our damn proud of the result!

There have been many trials and tribulations in getting this release out. While we were blessed to work with two amazing producers, get blown away by the album artist, as well as the support from those who backed us on Indiegogo, we also suffered several setbacks, including deportation from America!

With that said, we could not be prouder to have this out, and cannot wait to see you in person and show you these songs, and more, in the scenario we are most comfortable: Rocking out on stage!
Thanks to the fans, contributors, and our contemporaries, who have made this thing way greater than the sum of its parts!

Any support we can get, be it reviews, adds, gigs, purchases, or messages, help feed this ridiculous Megazord we have created!

As for you, yes you reading this! There are a bazillion bands out there, and for you to give us some attention, to even check us out and allow us some of your time, is humbling and we thank you unreservedly for it!

And finally, this sentence is here so not every single one ended in an exclamation point.......psyche!


released August 1, 2014

Beatbox - James "Cyber Byte" Bartlam
Guitar - Chris Binding
Keyboard - Lottie Kordbarlarg
Vocals and Lyrics - Stephen "B" Brunton

Tracks 1+6 Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike Blakey
Tracks 2-5 Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kenji Run

Album Art by Henshin Hero Design

All songs composed by B-Type except Human Girls composed by Kenji Run



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


BType Sunderland, UK

8bit Hiphop, also known as Chip-Hop, is what you find from BType. Known for high energy live shows, super catchy choruses and a punk rock attitude to rapping, BType hold the torth for British Nerdcore.

Playing across the United Kingdom and even in Europe and the USA, BType love adventuring, and would love to hear from you about playing your event!

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Track Name: Party Robot
Party Robot

Preprogrammed for romance, recalibrate dance moves
Pistons ignite so tight, don dance shoes
Execute operation schmooze, virus propaganda
Facebook party planner, internet is my veranda
Clanger, speaking raps like I’m rapping to rockers
No Clanky Robo, but yo, I’m a show stopper
Got the mathematical music
Yessir I choose it, inspirational, loose it
Cybernetic, come and get it, androids and droids
Rock like asteroids, but we not in the void
Got the flow chart start, down to an art
Does the party suck? If yes drink hard
It’s a risky life, get whiskey on ice
Rechargeable so, yo, I afford the price like twice
Getting liquid lubrication
A unique fascination with playing like station
Play to win, my brain and skin
Inform me in binary of chemicals within
Party Robot, gigabytes of lost nights
A muddled up mess of shots and sprites
Format regrets and wins in recycle bins
Graphical User Interface in me eyelids
Try this quickly, slickly, don’t get circuit-bored
Daunting Possibility like a world war

When I say Party, you say Robot
Party! Robot! Party! Robot! (x4)

Verse 2
Party-time, RSVP in binary
Anybody would think my circuitry’s hurting me
Pizza extra cheese like “Oh yes please!”
Heat it up with lazer beams
Electric Dreams of Electric Sheep
Robot chickadees in bikinis
The axels grinding finding the dance
Mechanical moves have got you entranced
Welcome all to my abode
Beautiful hexadecimal colour code
In you face bass, the place is booming
Power is losing, run flat, you’re choosing
To pre-empt any bit of that programming
Invite the humans lets get to spamming
Playing beer pong with a pulse grenade
Recycling schematics visa vie getting laid
No retort to my docking board, high score
Orbit the chassis, we do it hard core
You know machines to like to screw
Erotic Beep-Boop, R2-D2
Me three, what four, well why the hell not
Enjoying this immortal life that we got
Doing fine, rocking out so sublime
To Supercommuter, and Optimus Rhyme
Track Name: FIFA! Zelda!
Verse 1
Chilling in my pad like maxi
Wait and see, the tax-man will tax me
Got errands to run, its zero fun
But I got a joy-pad so you know I aint glum
Rolling cigarettes, no regrets, has the kettle boiled yet
My debt can step off G, have a cup of tea
Reintroduce myself, name is Steve
To “E”s in there, but I’ll double drop em later
When I feel snappy and cold, alligator
Do me a favour, lock all me doors
Its a party by meself, how we do in nerdcore
Wanna join me? Ok. Why not? Sure
Try this, party in absolute silence
Maybe I’ll ask you whatcha doing?
Sincerely hope you don’t mind this
Party of the year, it’s a shoe-in

FIFA! Zelda! FIFA! Zelda!
Terrible at both, man, terrible at both! (x4)

Verse 2
Living room sits six, hot drinks, I’m Link
Plenty of jars with fairies within
Nice and slim, left handed, feeling candid
Just lost the game, oh man, goddammit
Jam it in the console, graphics take hold
I don’t like this game it’s slow and old
Some life the same, it grows so cold
I got a fan-base as a cryable shoulder
Coz you know I’m getting older, getting over
Got myself a band, and some mates
But the state I’m in? It’s a loner
I’m ripping it spitting it doing it daily
Reinvent, circumvent the circuit bent, rock it lately
Crazy hazy maybe gents and ladies will choose
Not to avoid me like rabbies like a case of scabies
I scratch the itch, chilling here making taxmen rich
Wait! Reunite with the beat

Track Name: Rachel
Verse 1
We got integrally important drinking to do
Formed a posse, a crew, and a bunch of dudes
Which includes you, which explains the reason
That me and my mates have planned a meeting
A rendezvous of such unrestrained drunkitude
No choice in the matter so don’t be a douche
Im not being rude, not saying you are one
But if you much as an hour has gone
And you’re not in Passion, sipping Jager-bombs
Then your quest to not be a douche has gone wrong
And we can’t have that, hence the chorus incoming
Is half super serious, and half not funning
Me, your fella, and some mates of mine
Need to save the world, through drinking wine
And you’ve been recruited, it’s not convoluted
The mission is one to which you are suited

Rachel! Don’t be a douchebag
Don’t be a douchebag (x4)

Verse 2
Boring craic, all “Work in the morning!
Deadlines! Errands!” Hashtag Boring
Don’t get me snoring, we got a good buzz
Everybody now: One of us! Less fuss
And no, you don’t need to get changed
Just town on a Thursday, don’t act strange
We getting untamed, our fame is well renown
I thought I told y’all that we came to get down
And listen, I don’t make the rules
Which I did, I don’t! I know about school
And honestly your presentation will go way better
Get the sympathy vote being under the weather
Who knows what level of inspiration
Will bust forth through liquid lubrication?
Designation of drivers needs to discussion
25 minutes’ walk, 15 if you’re rushing!

Track Name: Human Girls
Verse 1
Ok, here’s the scoop
Been out of the world a while, out of the loop
Need a reboot, rest, relaxation
So I pick a planet, then I pick a nation
Explanation, I’m galactic, a captain
Of my own space ship, laser beams attacking
All the while rapping, interplanetary conquest
Best their finest warriors, then I play a set
Just for fun. Me and my band
Know what blue boobs look like under three suns
But I’m feeling glum, sometimes its a waste
Eskimo kissing girls with no nose on their face
I cannot relate, like “Remember Looney Tunes?”
She assumes that’s a slight against a psycho singer dude
I’m feeling crude, kind of wish I was curled
Up in bed, all warm with a human girl

Human Girls! You got your shit together! Oh yeah!

Verse 2
Don’t wanna travel, I’m tired of waiting
You gotta tick a box called Homosapien
Tried escaping my culture, mistake!
Aliens picked at my like vultures, I wait
For the right kind of creature, giving me a hard on
Based on earth, based on carbon
Went exploring all the planets above
But in 1G gravity is where I kind love
Hive mind girls go behind your back
Spread gossip from the second that they show you their rack
Reptile planet? I couldn’t fit in
Couldn’t warm their blood, and I couldn’t shed my skin
Clan made of clouds, they aint all there
And the Martian girls, not a one had hair!
Robot planet, all programmed for evil
And don’t get me started on the crab people!


Verse 3
So I found a chickadee, a life form like me
When she drinks too much she don’t sweat, she pees!
Two knees two legs two feet two eyes
Two ears two hands two boobs two thighs
And only one heart, with more capacity
Than this one rock where they have seventy three
We read the same kind of clocks, get the same kind of shocks
Not being racist cosplaying Mr. Spock
Got contemporary pop on lock, no regrets
There is a planet where the songs are polka dub step
Mixed with beat box, not played with the mouth
But body parts found further south
And we live in a house, not a hollowed out mouse
Not a tunnel underground or a bigger person’s mouth
I am not a loser, I know we in the future
But I don’t wanna have to re-write karma sutra
I wanna High-5 I don’t wanna high-paws
I wanna hold hands, not claws
No meteor storms discussing weather
Human girls, yep, you got it together!
Track Name: Only Godzilla Can Judge Me
Godzilla Stomp! I’m not mean!
Whoops lookie there I destroyed your city
Godzilla Stomp! You so angry
Ha! Only Godzilla can judge me
Godzilla Stomp! Go away!
Or let me retreat back into the sea
Godzilla Stomp! Sweet relief
You know? Only Godzilla can Judge me

Verse 1
Oh My God.
I mean Oh B-Type!
I do what I like, tonight it’s alright
Ignite into a fight or chill like I was ice
Twice or thrice, quadruple the fives
That are high in dives inside my mind
Never in a bind, like my cold blooded kin
If I’m restrained then I shed my skin
From time to time my rhymes aint kind
Blind rage compensates for my liver I deliver
A little bit of hilarity
And a little bit of banter for those in my vicinity
So quick-er-ly, (that’s quickly but faster)
Don’t bow down there for your master
But instead nod your head like it’s full of steam
Time too go solo, join my team!


Verse 2
Did you know that there be a robot version of me?
For the sake of diction description, Mecha-B
Be the name that I see that’s typed in the lyrics
Notepad file, this is getting Meta innit?
Anyway, what I say is Mecha-B, or Mecha-Me
Will dutifully destroy B-Type, RIP
That’s the plan man, the time spent in Japan
Basically spawned a fan, in a tin can!
You know what they say about flattery, batteries
In Mecha-B be running flat tryna imitate me
No-one celebrates me harder than my enemies
Even though, honestly, they come up to my knees
Put the “illa” in Godzilla, you know it’s true
Put the G-O-D-Z there too
Because Godzilla is me, B-Type’s Steve
And, only Godzilla can Judge me!